Chris Balsley MA, LPC, PCC

Chris Balsley maintains a thriving and diverse professional coaching practice with twenty-seven years of outstanding experience in supporting his clients. Focusing on inspiring professionals to be the best leaders they can be, especially in the face of adversity, Chris dedicates a large portion of his career to helping individuals and teams increase their performance. He accomplishes this by teaching them how to mitigate the effects of workplace stress, by training them how to listen and speak more powerfully, and by demonstrating to them the connection between leadership and the human body.

The current scope of Chris’ practice includes a variety of domains:

  • Corporate, executive and individual coaching
  • Organizational, team and couples training
  • Program design and implementation
  • Applied neurobiology, psychology and ontology

Chris is a senior program presenter with the Newfield Network, an internationally-renowned coach training school, where he presents and coaches in both English and Spanish to an international audience. Chris develops and delivers multi-method and body-based training programs for integration into Newfield’s public programs and corporate settings, where he also coaches clients at the senior management and C-suite levels.

Additionally, Chris is a senior presenter with Magis Group where he trains soldiers in performance enhancement, resiliency building, and stress mitigation.

Chris has coached clients in English and Spanish in the U.S., Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. He has designed and/or delivered programs to: Magis group for the U.S. Army; ESI, a division of Hunter-Douglas; NLP of Europe; and the Newfield Network.

He was a co-founder of an all-volunteer youth group that has placed hundreds of dedicated teenagers on Vision quests in the deserts of the American southwest over the course of 13 years.

He is a well-respected teacher at both the university and college levels, where for seven years he taught core classes in developmental psychology, ethics and counseling skills.

Chris holds black belts in two separate martial arts, is an avid Yoga practioner and loves rock climbing. He lives in Longmont, Colorado, with his wonderful wife and his two energetic daughters Mei Yuan and Shana Wu.

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