Sample Contract


Chris L. Balsley MA, LPC, NCC
Coaching / Leadership and Corporate Training
Longmont, Colorado 80503
(303) 250-XXXX


Coaching Proposal for:

  • Length of contract: 3 months (90 days) ending on _______. Please note: Cancellation requires 30 days written notice.
Frequency of  Face-to-face, Video Skype or Telephone scheduled appointments will be:
1.      Bi monthly
2. Or as per agreement
  • Coaching session length is TBD. Generally 15-60 minutes.
  • Spot Coaching: 10-15 minutes ‘in the moment’ sessions, unlimited. This is based on availability of your coach. Negating conditions arise when your coach is:
    • In a multiple day conference
    • Out of the country
    • Out of phone/internet range

Otherwise your coach will return your call ASAP and no later than 24 hours.

  • Email contact: Unlimited
  • Homework assignments: Co-designed and as needed.
  • Investment in this program is $______ per month. 3 months at $________. 
  • Investment options:
1.      Pay per month
2.      Pay per 3 month
  • Renewal date no later than:
By signing this contract and entering into the coaching relationship, you agree to the following:
·        I agree to call/meet with the Coach at the pre-arranged time and place as scheduled. I will make any cancellations at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled conversation.
o       Cancellations (no-shows) on the coachee’s part without prior notice forfeit the session.
o       Cancellations on the coaches’ part without prior notice will add one session of coaching, as per the contract, at no cost to the coachee. 
1.  I agree to share all pertinent information with my coach. Without relevant information, coaching becomes less effective and a waste of both parties time. 
2.  Discomfort can be a by-product of effective coaching and delving into areas of breakdowns can create resistance; it is your coaches’ job to identify these areas and your job to modulate how deep you go into these areas.
3. “I am uncomfortable” or “this is painful” are expressions of an individual’s current state and are not requests for the coach to stop a line of exploration. “Stop” is a clear request to stop. “I don’t want to go there” is also a clear request to stop.
4. Clear request are critical to building trust and efficacy in a coaching relationship. Please use them to your best advantage.
I accept the above conditions:
Coachee – Sign and date___________________________________
Coach – Sign and date_________________________________________
Yours in Coaching,
Chris Balsley MA LPC NCC
(303) 250-XXXX Office
Please Read Below
As an offer for future conversations I have attached the ethical guidelines for practicing coaches as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 
Coaching Relationship and Contract
At the beginning of any coaching relationship, the coach will articulate the terms of the Client/Coach relationship in a clear communication or agreement.
Client Protection
The Client’s well-being is the central focus of a coaching relationship and thereby obligates the coach to maintain a high level of integrity and trust-worthiness throughout the contract.
The Coach will make every effort to honor the Client’s confidence, although the Coach cannot provide an "a priori" guarantee (meaning a coach can be subpoenaed under the law). Note: With Chris Balsley’s licensure as a professional counselor you are guaranteed an “a priori” relationship regarding confidentiality.
Conflicts of Interest
Any conflict of interest is to be discussed and resolved with the Client’s best interest in mind. Whenever a conflict becomes apparent, the Coach is ethically obligated to identify it and attempt to resolve it. If, during the coaching relationship, the Coach cannot serve the Client objectively, respectfully, or without internal or external conflict, the Coach is ethically obligated to terminate the coaching agreement/contract.
Referrals and Terminations
Whenever internal or external conditions arise which seem "uncoachable" or unworkable, the Coach is ethically committed to reveal his or her observations and opinion to the Client. The Coach will suggest a viable solution(s) to the problem, making every effort to avoid injury to the dignity of the Client.
Looking forward to seeing you on the path,




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