Neuro-Biology of learning

All learning takes place in the brain.  When we perform an action we create a kind of relationship between neurons. Each time we do this action, new layers of neurons build upon one another, thickening the nerve bundle. The thicker the bundle of nerves, the easier it becomes to do the action.  Call it a ‘conditioned response’ or a ‘habit’, either way: the thicker the nerve bundle, the easier the action becomes.

Whatever we practice we get better at.

This applies to habits both good and bad.

What are you getting better at, right now?

When we sit with the understanding that we are always getting better at something, several things soon become apparent:

  1. When we first go about learning something we are not as competent as we are after we have established a solid pathway through repetitive behaviors.  This is referred to as the learning curve.
  2. If we have done the behavior many times, and we have a solid neural pathway, it becomes hard not to do the behavior.
  3. The only way to change a habit is to stop using the old habit and create a new habit that you use instead.
  4. This applies to good habits and bad habits equally.

What habits do you have that you are interested in changing?

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