“Without hesitation I can say that Chris Balsley is the best somatic coach I have known and I have used him as my personal somatic coach for the last three years.”                              —Julio Olalla, Author/Founder of Newfield Networks 08′

Due to the implantation of SCRUM and a good feedback loop I have been able to retain my employees and implement a schedule that is better for me and that fits my ideal lifestyle.  Thanks to your training I feel I have received more value than any other program I have been involved with and really feel like I have just broken through the blockage that has been holding me back for the last few years…to say it another way- I see the path, I am not down it yet and not to say I will not run into challenges however I believe that what I am envisioning can be achieved…thanks to your coaching.                                                             E.H. ~ Business owner 2012

The courses that Chris has designed and delivered have had enormous and positive impact on the leadership ability of the management team as well as individual executives themselves. The results of his influence here are truly a blessing. His activity at my company has been ongoing and continuing and that won’t change any time in the near future.

Rick Langille
President Electronic Solutions
A Hunter Douglas Subsidiary

Company wide I would say that it has been pretty phenomenal. People feel a lot safer than they did a year ago.
J.G.  ~ Sales Manager

All of the managers are getting the same intensive training, thus we are all growing, we are more prepared to make requests, take action and give feedback. We are more powerful in our positions of working one-on-one helping others to become better leaders.
B.H. ~ Program Manager

Chris’s training has brought to us increased communication tools like models for requests and giving feedback.  This especially helpful in the face of adversity due to our having created new habits that are easy to access in times of stress. I appreciate going back to the basics. By using direct communication skills we are starting to nip problems in the bud, thereby side stepping a lot of drama.

At the level of upper management I see an increase of respect and dignity in the ways that we treat each other. We can therefore deal with difficult issues in a more humane manner. On the floor, communication like emails are much better, they are smoother and more descriptive and that allows me to make different decisions and to prioritize better. This added clarity makes my job easier.
T.L. ~ Production Floor Manager

Chris has made huge improvements in the process and corporate culture at ESI. He has an uncanny ability to see past the noise in a dispute and find the core issues, and help resolve them.


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